Getting started

The first step is to join one of our member clubs! To start the ball rolling, go along to one of their weekly meetings and they will talk with you about their club and your chess experience. After a few visits, if you are happy with them (they are likely to be a friendly bunch and turn nobody away!) then you will be invited to join them. If you would like to contact them before you visit then see their contact details.

If you are considering learning how to play chess or have just started beating your Dad (or computer!) and want to move on or you have always wanted to play chess but never had the time when we can help. All of our members have a wide range of experiences to pass on along with hard won tips on how to improve. We all learn in different ways and at various speeds and no one is under any pressure to become the next Magnus Carlsen.

Unlike some clubs we welcome beginners and novices alike and will put time aside to help you on the way to enjoying one of the worlds most enjoyable and friendly games. If we spot some natural talent then we can help provide coaching or put you in contact with a local coach many of whom are recognised ECF coaches.

If you need to purchase equipment or books then we can provide advice.

If you have anything you'd like to recommend to us then use the contact information to contact the Web Site Manager.